As a homeowner, there are several personal and environmental advantages of planting oak trees. Besides providing beauty, these trees can provide homes and food for wildlife that rely on trees for shelter. However, overgrown oaks can cause various problems to your landscape – and we’re not just talking about being an eyesore for your yard. One of the problems that can come up is for the dog owners out there. Oak trees drop a significant amount of acorns which can potentially be harmful to your dog. Continue reading to learn more about why Oak Tree Trimming is important for all dog owners to consider.

Are Acorns Toxic to Dogs?

Oaks often shade thousands of acorns during the autumn and winter seasons. Acorns contain tannins and other compounds that can cause stomach upset to dogs and, in some cases, lead to other issues such as kidney failure or worse. Additionally, acorn caps are usually sharp and can cause tears in a dog’s stomach.

Are acorns bad for dogs? Yes, if your dog consumes several acorns, they could potentially be harmful. However, the severity of the toxicity is subject to the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the more acorns it could eat, causing more severe problems and vice versa.

What To Do To Protect Your Dog

Now that you know acorns can potentially be harmful for your dog, you need to create a plan to protect it from eating acorns. Tree care experts from JC Tree Care recommend that you trim your oak trees and clean your landscape to keep it clean and acorn-free.

Oak Tree Trimming Services

Generally, oak trees can be trimmed at various maturity levels, depending on your preferences and requirements. However, major trimming requires specialized tools and proper tree climbing skills – or the use of a bucket truck in our case – so a specialist company can better handle the job to save you time and get it done safely. There are some of the most common trimming options.

  • Pruning – This involves the removal of dead leaves, clusters, twigs, and dead branches. Pruning helps enhance the overall appearance of the tree and landscape, keeping your home cleaner and free of hazardous acorns.
  • Crown reduction – This includes reducing the tree’s height and mass of bigger branches to lessen the production of more acorns. Crown reduction works best for younger trees than older trees. For the mature trees, it is recommended that you cut the whole limb rather than reducing it.
  • Thinning – This includes getting rid of weak branches and edges to open up the tree canopy. This kind of tree trimming helps enhance light and air penetration into your trees. In addition, it helps lighten larger branches.
  • Pollarding – Can also help reduce the production of acorns. It involves cutting off the branches and leaving only the secondary branches attached to the main stem. This keeps the tree clearer and reduces unwanted leaves and acorns.

Need Superior Oak Tree Trimming Services? Get in Touch

Naturally, dogs are curious and love to sniff around to discover strange smells and objects. If autumn acorns and leaves are spread throughout your home, and you need help removing them, we’ve got your back.

At JC Tree Care, we are a premier tree trimming company offering a complete range of tree care services, including tree trimming and removal, to help keep your dog safe and your home clean. Please contact us online now or call us directly at (540) 636-4182 to request a free quote.