A fence builder can help you create the right fence to provide the privacy and protection you need for your garden. Everyone has a reason for building a garden fence. Some need to keep critters out of the garden they worked so hard to get started. Others want to provide a little privacy while tending to their gardens. Whatever your reason is, we have some tips for picking the right fence for you.

Why Your Garden Needs a Fence

Safety from Wildlife – Too many gardeners know the struggle of finally getting their plants in the ground and being excited about the progress they’re making, only to come out and find that half of their produce has been eaten by some animal – birds, deer, groundhogs, and squirrels. A well-built fence is an easy way to keep them out and your plants safe from unwelcome visitors.


Keep the Kids Out – If you have children running around your home, then you already know the trouble they’re capable of getting into. Nothing is truly safe from them, not even your garden. With a fence, you’ll be able to protect your plants from someone accidentally falling in your garden beds, runaway soccer balls, and whatever else your children might end up doing.


Demarcation Purposes – If you need to avoid potential controversy with a neighbor over land, the addition of a fence is a great solution. This will allow you to mark off your section of property to plant your garden with the peace of mind that you’re not infringing on your neighbor’s land and they won’t try to accuse you of it. Not to mention you’ll be getting a little privacy from potential peering eyes as well.

Choosing The Best Type Of Fence For Your Garden

While wood fences, chain link fences, and iron vinyl fences all serve different purposes, they can be ideal choices if you need a barrier to secure your garden. An experienced fence builder should be able to help guide you in choosing what kind of fence is best suited for your property.

For example, if security is a concern, consider getting an iron vinyl fence or a sturdy wood fence with ornamental wooden pieces and tightly fitted boards. If safety isn’t an issue but style matters, consider paying extra to get ornamental posts on your fence or specific cutouts. In addition to being visually appealing, these special details are often helpful because they allow air flow through your garden’s fencing structure to promote healthy plant growth and prevent mold from forming on materials like wood fences.

You may also want to think about whether you’d prefer fencing around your entire perimeter; or fencing that only works well for corners or entryways

Remember that every material type has its strengths and weaknesses – as a general rule, darker colors absorb more heat so pick lighter options like white fences if keeping things cool is critical.
Talk over options with a professional fence builder; they’ll have years of experience determining which products work best depending on regional issues including severe weather conditions such as rain storms, high winds, snowfalls and intense summer heat.

Working With A Local Contractor

Working with a local fence contractor is a great way to make sure you get exactly what you want and can also help to guarantee your fencing project’s success. J.C. Tree Care brings your fence to life with quality materials and professional fence builders. Call us today at (540) 636-4182 to schedule an estimate.