Are you an above ground pool owner wondering if it’s worth having a professional deck built around it? Well, take this as a sign that the answer is Yes. There are many benefits when it comes to above ground pool decks and they aren’t all just about saving the aesthetic of your yard. 

Recent Above Ground Pool Deck We Built

1. Safe Place For All

One of the biggest complaints among anyone with an above ground pool is that the pool is far from being built in the safest way possible. First, there’s that slippery ladder that has to be used to climb in and out of the pool. These are no doubt an accident waiting to happen! Especially for young children considering the average pool stands about 4.5 feet tall.

A professionally built deck around your above ground pool will minimize the risk of injury for everyone who wants to enjoy the water during a warm summer day! You can say goodbye to that awful step ladder and say hello to a set of customizable steps complete with a handrail for maximum safety when entering and exiting the pool.  

2. A Better Place For Hosting Guests

If you love having friends and family over for a weekend cookout in the backyard, then a deck around your pool is exactly what you need. Imagine having a place to set up your grill and a row of pool chairs – maybe some lights and decorations as well. It’s all coming together to make for a great night!

Not to mention you can customize the deck to fit your liking and needs before the build. Need extra space for a grill? No problem. Want to be able to relax by the pool? Room for your chairs can be added. Have a specific shape and size in mind? Let’s see what we can work out!

3. Transform Your Yard

Finally the most obvious benefit of building a pool deck is that it can completely transform your yard. As an above ground pool ages it becomes more and more unsightly. Discoloration, rust, and dirt often are the first thing anyone sees when looking at an old pool. The addition of an above ground pool deck can take that eyesore and turn it into a game changer for your home.

Learn More About Our Professionally Built Decks

JC Tree Care has both the experience and expert knowledge to create your dream deck. We are able to work with you to understand your vision and build the deck to your liking – leaving you with a beautiful new above ground pool deck!