A lot of people enjoy the benefits of having trees on their property, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right tree for your particular climate and location. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick rundown of some of our favorite fast growing trees that do particularly well in Virginia.

Oak Trees

The Pin Oak Tree (Quercus palustris) is a fast growing tree that makes an excellent shade tree in sunny areas. Due to its rapid growth, it should be planted in large plots with plenty of room. It’s quick growth and high tolerance of sandy soil means it makes a great choice for roadside or erosion control projects. As well as along ponds and lakes. A mature Pin Oak Tree will grow up to 75 feet tall, so you want to leave adequate space between other trees when planting these. This is so they don’t compete with each other over sunlight allowing them to grow tall and healthy.

Fastest Growing Sweet Gum Trees

These trees are known to grow at an incredibly fast rate and are sturdy enough to endure some serious storms – Making them a solid choice if you’re looking for to add some trees close to your Virginia home. For lovers of the Fall season, this tree is perfect. The leaves turn a yellow, purple, and red in the Fall and tend to stay on quite late into the season. Keep in mind that these trees take a lot of room to grow. They can reach up to 100ft in height. Also that they do drop their gumballs which can be a turn off for someone who isn’t looking for yard maintenance. But, if you’re looking for a great tree with beautiful fall colors, keep this one in the back of your mind!

Maple Trees

The Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) is a beautiful maple tree that adds value to any property. If you’re looking to bring some of that cozy fall-time ambiance to your yard, there’s no better option than to plant a Sugar Maple. A full-grown specimen can grow at a rate of up to 30 feet per year! That means you can have yourself a respectable tree in as little as five years or so. Not only are they relatively fast growing, but they’re quite attractive trees with lovely autumnal colors and delicious sap!

Fastest Growing Birch Trees

Birch trees in general are popular with landscapers and homeowners alike. All thanks to their gracefully drooping branches, pretty spring flowers, and smooth white bark. The most common type of birch tree that can be found in Virginia is Black Birch. It’s also known as Paper Birch. If you’re looking for a fast growing tree in Virginia, this tree is one of the easiest to maintain. These trees prefer rich soil and regular watering once they’re established. And mulching helps keep roots cool during hot summer months. Since they do not tolerate shade very well, you’ll want to plant them where they will receive plenty of sunlight each day. Place them on an east or west-facing property if possible.

Hornbeam Trees in Virginia

The hornbeam tree, also known as ironwood or blue beech, grows really well in Virginia. It is an adaptable tree that tolerates shade and acidic soil. Hornbeam trees are easy to care for once established and will grow fast once they get going. Hornbeam trees make an excellent choice if you want a fast growing tree without having to do a lot of work caring for it after planting. Properly pruning your hornbeam tree will allow it to grow even faster than normal. This is where a tree specialist will come in handy. They are able to trim your trees without causing harm to their helath.

Cleaning Up Your Fast Growing Trees

Once you get your trees planted, they’re going to need to be regularly maintained and cared for. This includes watering and feeding, but also pruning to keep them healthy and – sometimes – removal of old trees to make way for the new. If you have a tree project on your hands that you’re in need of, give us a call! Our team of experts has the equipment to ensure that your property is taken care of. Helping your trees live longer and your property stay nice.