Tree trimming can be a dangerous job, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to do it safely. A bucket truck is an invaluable tool in the tree trimming process for a number of reasons; one of the most important being increased safety during all operations. Keep reading to learn more about the several key benefits that make bucket trucks a must-have tool to look for when deciding which Tree Service Company to hire for your project. 


Increased Safety of Property and Workers

Tree trimming is dangerous. According to OSHA, tree care workers have one of the highest fatality rates in all industries. In fact, more than 25 percent of all fatal work-related injuries result from work in trees and tall structures, which is why we stress the importance of finding a company that operates with the use of bucket trucks. This allows workers to get up high enough to be able to stay out of harm’s way when working on your property. 

Speaking about property, with the use of a bucket truck, workers are able to be more precise in their cutting and removal of branches. This protects not only the workers, but your property as well. No need to worry about dangerous limbs when working near your home or accidents when it comes to cutting around power lines.


More Efficient Tree Trimming

One major benefit of using a bucket truck is that it makes tree trimming faster. In fact, most professionals are able to complete their work in half the time or less than they would be able to when using a tree climbing method. Most bucket trucks can reach heights that would otherwise be impossible for human beings to reach on their own. 

Additionally, if multiple trees in different areas are being worked on, these trucks take out the need to worry about carrying tools and tree trimmers across large distances; instead, they can simply be loaded onto the truck for quick and easy moving. 


Flexibility in Projects with Bucket Trucks

A bucket truck adds flexibility to tree trimming operations. First, the use of these trucks allows teams to complete more jobs in less time without having to haul tools or climb to be able to reach the branches marked for cutting. Second, the use of these trucks gives teams the ability to complete projects that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to – positioning the truck in places that allow them to complete custom or difficult cuts; giving you a unique landscape customized to your vision.


Ready to See Our Bucket Truck in Action?

J.C. Tree Care operates with professionals trained to operate using the best practices – which includes the use of our very own bucket truck! If you’re ready to see our workers in action using the truck, get a customized tree trimming for your property, and reap the benefits of a team using the best tools to give you quality service – contact us today! We’re ready to get started with a free estimate!