People love having trees in their yard, and for those who are house-hunting trees can make the difference between choosing one house over another. Healthy trees, depending on their size and type can add thousands of dollars to your property value, sometimes up to $10,000. But it’s not entirely luck that determines how much of that value boost you get. There are steps you can take to maximize your tree value in whatever circumstances you’re in.

If you plant, plant early

Not all trees take 80 years to achieve full height, and even slow-growing trees start to provide value before then, but the fact remains that it can take years before a tree is mature enough to provide shade and meaningful aesthetic appeal. So if you move into a house, consider planting trees early, whether it’s a shade tree closer to the house, or a line of poplars as an elegant boundary-line.

Choose the right one for your area

Trees that will thrive in Florida and many of those that would thrive in Minnesota probably won’t do well here. Fortunately Front Royal, Winchester, and the whole Shenandoah Valley are an ideal home for many kinds of trees, from the dogwood and crepe myrtle to mighty oaks and maples. The bigger ones will put out larger root systems and therefore need more open space, while dogwoods and crepe myrtles are ideal for beautifying small yards.

Space and mulch

Give each tree enough space, because if they are close together they will compete for the same resources and crowd each other out. Mulch helps to suppress competition from grass and weeds nearby, but you only need two to four inches of mulch, and make sure that it doesn’t touch the trunk of the tree as that might weaken the defense the bark provides.

Don’t overwater

Trees are designed to pull water from the large area of its root system, and on most of the east coast the water from periodic rainfalls is enough for them. Watering too much can disrupt the tree’s energy production rhythm and even lead to premature root rot. It’s best not to water trees regularly, and for the same reason it’s also best not to plant them next to plants (flowers, herbs) that do need regular watering. You can learn more about this here.

Keep the mowers away

When mowing the lawn you might it’s no big deal to go over a patch where the tree root pokes out of the ground and basically shave off the top of them. After all, there’s grass there that needs to be mown. Let’s be clear, trees are tough and they won’t wither and die just because one thing hurt them. But repeated damage to the exterior, especially to the roots, can damage the tree’s defenses and leave it more vulnerable that it would otherwise have been. Protecting the roots increases the chances that the tree still will be providing shade and beauty there after you’re gone.

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